About umkaumka

UmkaUmka - Getting Your Kids Outdoors

Hi, I'm Elena. I'm a mum of two. I started in 2008 with the desire to make comfortable and high-quality children wear brand umkaumka. Kids are born to play, sweat, explore, and discover. UmkaUmka makes sure they have dressed appropriately for the activity. For finding out that pure joy of outdoor that will stick for the rest of life. Every day, every weather, every experience, wherever adventure awaits.

This means a play-friendly design, with no details that chafe or restrict movement, that can be washed again and again. We have made many design adjustments through the years to accommodate the mother's needs from all over the world. When they complain about a concern, we listen and address it.

Why choose us?

Do you have the experience that is continually changing your kids' dirty clothes, and dealing with the never-ending pile of washing?

Our water-repellent and water-resistant Rompers, Coveralls, Suspended pants, Rain suits, and waterproof fleece-lined Jacket make a messy play and outdoor adventures a pleasure to deal with. All garments are lightweight, yet durable, easy to get on and off and comfortable for children to wear without restricting their movement.

The positive feedback from parents all over the world spurred me on to continue testing all the choices we make, from fit and materials down to the shortest seam. All our clothes should get the highest score in the testing system we use to scrutinize the functionality and, most importantly, the safety of our garments. We now offer premium quality outerwear that keeps children dry and warm in any weather.

Eco-friendly Promises

Kid's wellbeing comes first! Our products are designed and produced with Eco-friendly fabric and process, free from any forbidden substances, 

Taking good care of our planet on which our children will be growing up. umkaumka always offered a wide product range in organic cotton and recycled materials, and continually developing more sustainable products.

But the most important aspect of our sustainability work is that each umkaumka outwear should be worn by at least three children, one after the other with our assured quality. So that you and other consumers avoid buying more new garments than necessary, which saves you money and, even better, protects the Earth's precious resources.