Family Olympic Games

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Family Olympic Games

During this pandemic, that we have all exhausted our local greenspace options. Whether that is the local woods, playing fields, play parks, or even a green belt of land opposite your house. How can we make these more exciting as the days go on, repeating the same routine every day?

Bring out the spirit ahead of time!

Family get-togethers are more fun with a friendly dose of competition! That’s why these family Olympic games are a fun way to make memories that last a lifetime. Start out by establishing the teams. If you are playing as individuals, each person can choose a color or grab an old Halloween costume. You can add to the spirit with face paint, colored bandannas, and beads, without the theatrics, it’s just a day of playing sports.

Family Olympic Games


Choose activities that emphasize fun.

Your choice of games and events will depend on the ages of your Olympic athletes, as well as your physical space, but try to include different activities — some athletic, some strategic, some silly — that level the playing field and emphasize the fun. This can be a chance to enjoy simple, timeless activities like races, or games needing more elaborate equipment, like a volleyball net. For races, it may be helpful to set up some cones or make some with other objects. (Search online for any rules or clarification.)

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