Four Benefits of Softshell

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Softshell outerwear is the perfect choice for unpredictable weather. Softshell outerwear has lots of benefits for active kids who love running about in nature, given that it’s essential that they neither sweat nor freeze when playing outdoors.


Softshell has four (practical) benefits: It’s waterproof, breathable, flexible, and 100% free of PFCs.


Benefit 1: Waterproof


With softshell outerwear, your child can stay warm and dry while playing outside in damp weather and light rain. That’s why softshell outerwear is also a fantastic alternative to thermal wear, which doesn’t have the same waterproof and windproof effect.


Benefit 2: Breathable


Softshell is breathable and allows body heat to escape the jacket when your child is engaged in active play. Breathability is measured by the number of grams of water that can escape through a square meter of fabric in 24 hours (MVP).


That’s also why softshell jackets are great mid-season jackets and perfect for spring and autumn. All umkaumka softshell outerwear has a double fleece back layer for warmth and comfort. Depending on the temperature outside, you can choose to wear a thick fleece sweater under the softshell jacket to add additional warmth.


Benefit 3: Flexible


umkaumka softshell jackets are made from close-woven polyester with a small amount of spandex (also known as elastane), resulting in a flexible material that allows your child lots of mobility. The material is stretchable and therefore provides plenty of freedom of movement, allowing your child to play without feeling like their clothes are getting in the way.


Benefit 4: Pfc-Free


PFCs (per- and polyfluorinated chemicals, all of which fall under the fluorocarbon family) are humanmade chemicals that are harmful to the environment because it is tough for them to biodegrade in nature. Some PFCs are also harmful to the human body. That’s why all umkaumka outerwear for kids is 100% PFC-free. Umkaumka softshell outerwear is coated with a PFC-free, water-repellent finish.

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